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Welcome to Yellow Badge, for those learning the suburban knowledge of London.

Its easy, only 30 runs!
And the rest, the 30+ runs are just the beginning, you need to know your sector inside out, and all the points, also the major points in neighbouring sectors. The 30 runs don't go everywhere you need to know so don't be fooled into thinking its that easy.






How do I start?
You must visit the PCO in Penton Street to obtain the application forms, you will need to have a medical which you will have to pay, fill in the forms and return them to the PCO. You will be asked to attend an introductory talk, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and they will give you a Blue Book which contains the 30 runs you will need to know. The PCO web site has most of the information you need to get this far. Taxi Trade Promotions also has excellent Yellowbadge Knowledge information.

What do I need?
Maps and Atlases, worth buying more than one as they show different points and street names, make a large map of your sector by sticking 3 or 4 maps of your sector on an A0 size piece of card, cover with clear stick plastic (WHSmith cheapest) this should cover your sector completely, parts of neighbouring sectors and some of central London, you can use dry markers to draw your routes on this. A book of runs from Knowledge Point, might also be worth buying cross London runs, not to mention inner London points book. Bike, C90 with knowledge board seems preferred mode although many people use scooters now, you can do it by car, but works out more expensive and not as good for pointing. You can also use a cassette recorder to note your points on, although you'll have to write these down when you get home.

What next?
You must learn your Sector inside out, get out as often as possible and note as many points as possible, you never know what they might ask you. When you feel you know your Sector sufficiently you may apply for your first appearance, after passing the examinations on your Sector you will be tested on runs from your Sector to major points in central London, followed by a driving test in a taxi after which you get your badge.

How long will this take?
Depends on how much time and effort you put in, 2 to 3 years.

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PCO Public Carriage Office, now part of Transport for London. This site has info about the different Suburban Sectors, the entry requirements and how to apply to do the knowledge.

Reading Acceleration Machine Might be useful for remembering those runs

Paddington Knowledge school

Taxiknowledge Green Badge site, has some Suburban runs listed in the weekly points and archive section.

Taxi-Mart online store with good collection of Taxi-associated products

United Cabbies Group London Taxi pressure group

Wizann Online  Map CD and books for Green badge, some free downloads and message board

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